Assalamu Alaikum WarahmatAllah,

Qafila is a personal effort to help students of deen struggling to attain their goals in Madaris. Any help and assistance in this endeavor will be a means of Sadaqa Jaariya in the sight of Allah, while paving the path for our leaders of tomorrow and help our Ummah.

Currently the funds will benefit foreign students leaving their homes to settle at Madrassah In’aamiyah, Camperdown for their studies. We intend to broaden this scope to larger scale once we gain more facts of the nearby madaris.

This website is primarily intended to provide our Ummah’s well wishers with virtues of spending in path of Allah. We will also post other Islamic information emanating from these Madaris and from the vast knowledge within the books of our Ulama.

We request one and all to take part in this effort and provide us with as much or as little support as possible so that we may achieve our goal by helping our future Imams and leaders.

If you wish to help in this cause please deposit whatever amount is in your ability at:

[Please email me for the bank details @ qafila01@gmail.com]

Once you deposit, kindly email me your deposit slip or receipt so I can double check.

Jazak Allah Wassalam

-Abuhajira bin Abdul Hamid
Student Madrassah In’aamiyah
Email : qafila01@gmail.com