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[In a talk expounding the need for attaining Quranic Education, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi r.a states…]

“What should we do with such an advancement and education which destroys ones religion? Such education is worthy of being burnt to ashes. The reason (often given) for the need of this secular education is so that one may earn one’s livelihood. Although even in this notion, we take an issue with the term ‘need’ because the advancement of the world does not revolve around secular education, it can be achieved in a much better sense through trading etc., but the new age has accepted this notion so blindly that it considers even challenging it an ignorance.

“Hence, for their sake let us accept their notion of ‘need’ and say, Very well! We accept that secular education is a necessity, but before one tackles this secular education, one should first study the Aqeedah and Jurisprudence. For this purpose too, one should not rely on a mini-course of a few small books like Raah e Najaat etc, rather one should follow such a course which will provide an insight into the Aqeedah and Jurisprudence. These should be studied in some detail so that the student is aware that our (Shar’ii) academics contain such in-depth sciences as well. He will know well that these sciences (sufficiently) cover the perplex intellectualities as well as the sociological and political aspects of life.

“It is important to learn this much detail as a brief outlook (on Islamic Academia) so that no confusion arises from tackling secular education.”

Khutbaat Hakimul Ummat, vol. 2, pg. 22