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In an answer to a Maulana Saheb, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi rehmatullah alayh replied,

“Acceptance of supplication (Dua’) is not a karamat because the supplications of laymen as well as kuffar (disbelievers) also get accepted. Look at اكفر الكفرة افجرالفجرة (most disbelieving of the disbelievers and most sinning of the sinful), i.e Shaytaan’s dua’ was accepted. Moreover, (look at) his Dua’ which was accepted was also an abnormal one and is considered bad manners according to the Fuqaha’ (Jurists).

Shaytaan said, “أَنْظِرْنِي إِلَى يَوْمِ يُبْعَثُونَ (Give me respite until the day they will be resurrected), and this supplication was accepted. And that too, at a time when he was being rebuked; but foolish Shaytaan was still a worshiper, who knew that even this situation is not a hindrance in the acceptance of Dua’.

Malfuzaat Hakeemul Ummat Malfuz # 306 – vol. 1 pg. 240