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Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi rehmatullahi alayh mentioned that once Jahangeer (the mughal king) came to meet Sheikh Saleem Chishti rehmatullahi alayh. (At that time) Sheikh had given his rags to one of his Mureed to look for lice. During this time Sheikh went into his quarters and closed the doors.

After a while (when Jahangeer came) the mureed servant knocked on the door. Sheikh asked “What happened?”

The mureed said “The King (Jahangeer) is here.”

Sheikh said, “Laa Hawla Wa laa Quwaata, I thought some big lice came out, that you came running to show me.”

Malfuzaat Hakeemul Ummat Malfuz # 308 – vol. 1 pg. 242

NOTE: This shows the status of these Shuyukh; they have absolutely no importance and significance, even in their thoughts of those with worldly honor and political might. And why should it not be so, when they have attained the love of He Who controls the world and whatever it contains.


One who has gained the key to the worlds, what yearn he for treasures

When the wine of love is right at the lips, what need there be for taverns


A king once had a few slave girls who use to bicker among themselves with regards to their master. Each one said that she is the most liked by their master. When this news reached the king, he called for them and asked them about it. They in turn placed the request to him to solve their matter and tell them who his most favorite slave girl is.

The King nodded and said, “The one who loves me the most”.

The matter calmed down but the King kept this issue in his mind and sought to give his slave girls a practical solution. Some time later he took his slave girls to the treasure room and gave them the choice to take whatever they wish from the room. This was a gift from him to them. Every one sought this opportunity and looked for the most expensive of items. Some looked for jewels while other filled their hands with gold coins. The king saw that one of them stood still and did not look for anything at all.

The King called her and asked her to choose anything from the room for herself. The slave girl nodded in affirmative and while the others watched her, she walked over to the king and placed her hand on the king’s shoulder.

“I will take you for myself, master”, said the slave girl.

The king smiled, and looked at the others and said, “What is the worth of all that treasure you have collected when she now possesses you, your small treasure along with your master and all his treasure as well!” (Reproduced from a discourse by Ml. Muhammad Hashim Amod Saheb)

– Abuhajira