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There is a core essence of Tablīgh and boundaries that govern it. We have been given talīm (guidance) for everything and this talīm is of a very pure nature. So pure that even the theories of elite philosophers also fail to produce something similar.

Rasulullāh salallahu alayhi wasallam has been taught in the Qur’ān to relay the message and not to worry about whether the people accept that message or not, even if it means that they all end up going to hell. This is such a thought provoking and pure teaching. The secret is that one should not make the “materialization of the fruits” as a goal in for ones efforts. This way the person will not be disturbed about his progress and will not lose courage.

On the contrary if the person looks towards the “materialization of the fruits” as a goal, and when he does not see any fruits of the effort, he will lose hope and stop struggling. It should be kept in mind that struggling in the effort itself is an independent goal and this has been the way of our elders. In this field they had only one outcome which they would hope for and that one fruit is happiness of Allāh. This can be attained at all times, whether the Tablīgh is fruitful or not.

The reality of the matter is anything which is Ikhtiyāri (within ones means) can be accomplished, and by focusing on something gher ikhtiyāri (beyond ones means) one will only lose hope. To do Tabīgh is ikhtiyāri, and for its fruits to materialize is gher ikhtiyāri. Do not run after gher ikhtiyāri or you will lose out on the ikhtiyāri as well!

Malfuzāt Hakīmul Ummat Malfuz # 249 – vol. 4 pg. 192