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I neither like pride nor have any affinity for such humility in which there is disgrace. I do not house (in this khanqāh) anyone who is haughty, nor does a displayer of false humility find any place here, nor such a person who adopts such humility in which another becomes acquainted of his being selfless. This is also one branch of pride.

Everything should be balanced, and an easy way to attain that is that one neither adorns a style which instills pride, nor forces humility upon oneself. Be free in your disposition and do as per ones natural habit. This manner will be devoid of both pride and false humility otherwise whichever side one inclines toward will yield that quality.*

  Malfuzāt Hakīmul Ummat Malfuz # 176 – vol. 8 pg. 179

*i.e if one inclines more towards pride then it will yield the quality of pride in him and he will transgress its bound and vice versa.