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One person who had pledged on the hands of Maulāna Thānvī Rahmatullah ‛Alayh requested ijāza for the recitation of Hizbul BahrMaulāna answered that there was no need to seek ijāza in this matter. He insisted that he seeks ijāza for barakah. So Maulāna said “Very well, I make duā’ that Allah gives you ability to practice upon it and accept that deed of yours.”

Maulvī Sayyid Ahmed Hassan said, “The intent of people from Ijāza is nothing but duā’ itself.”

Maulāna replied, “No. If only duā’ is made then they are not satisfied. On the other hand if only ijāza is given and no duā’ is made, they are content with it. This shows that the intent is not duā’.”

Maulvī Hassan inquired “If someone believes that if he reads Dalā’il Khayrāt or Hizbul Bahr etc. without any ijāza he will not gain any spiritual barakah from it, then if he does recite without any ijāza would he get any spiritual barakah?”

Maulāna Thanvī responded, “When he thinks that without ijāza he will not gain any blessings, then there will be no barakah from it.

“انا عند ظن عبدي بى” (I am to my slave as he thinks of Me to be)*.

 Malfuzāt Hakīmul Ummat Malfuz # 43 – vol. 18 pg. 43

 * Sunan Tirmidhi Hadīth # 2388